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Cast Edit

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  • Orca as Goku
  • Kron ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as Master Roshi
  • Kangaroo as Bulma
  • Owl ( Winnie the Pooh ) as Chi-Chi
  • Jacus ( Little Baby Bum ) as Lord Piccolo
  • Frog as Yamcha
  • Mondo ( Moana ) as Mai
  • Sheep as Grandpa Gohan
  • Godzilla ( Monster Buddies ) as Sifu Norris
  • Shark as Carey Fuller
  • Mac ( Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends ) as Seki
  • Piglet ( Winnie the Pooh ) as Ōzaru
  • Mothra ( Monster Island Buddies ) as Agundes
  • Frilled Shark as Moreno
  • Hedgehog as Butler
  • Wilt ( Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends ) as Hildenbrand
  • Aladar ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as Palmer
  • Winnie the Pooh as Emi

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