Cast Edit

  • Aladar ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as the Grinch
    • Deer Evans
  • Maggie Pesky (The Buzz on Maggie) as Cindy Lou Who
  • Donkey as Mayor Augustus May Who
    • Grasshopper as an 8-year-old Augustus May Who
  • Kron ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as Martha May Whovier
    • Owl ( Winnie the Pooh ) as an 8-year-old Martha May Whovier.
  • Flik ( Bugs Life ) as Lou Lou Who
  • Flea as Betty Lou Who
  • Zini ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as Max the Dog
  • Neera ( Dinosaur 2000 ) as Whobris
    • Tremors as an 8-year-old Whobris.
  • Skunk as Clarnella Who
  • Anna and Elsa ( Frozen ) as Drew Lou and Stu Lou Who
  • Otter as Officer Wholihan
  • Bear as surprised Who
  • Meerkat as the Narrator

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