The Gielgud Theatre opened in 1906 as part of a pair with the Queen's Theatre - both on Shaftesbury Avenue and both conceived by architect W.G.R Sprague. Originally named the Hicks Theatre in honour of Seymour Hicks - actor, manager and playwright, the theatre was renamed as the Globe in 1909 and had its final name change in 1994 as the Gielgud.

The theatre's first two productions were musicals written by Hicks called The Beauty of Bath and My Darling, and since then the theatre has been the host of numerous successful productions such as Call It A Day and Daisy Pulls It Off.

More recently the Gielgud has been home to productions such as One Flew Over Th Cuckoo's Nest, Avenue Q, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe.

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Gielgud Theatre

Gielgud Theatre London

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