The VisitEdit

Stage Play (1956)
Script: Friedrich Durrenmatt


The European Town of Guellen, in the Turbulent 1950s is dying. Some 30 years ago, citizens 20-year old Alfred Ill, and 17-year old Clara Wascher had a fast-paced romantic relationship. The problem arises when Ill, breaks off said relationship when he crosses tracks with the richest woman in town, Matilde Blumharde. Clara, well into a pregnancy and well without Ill, leaves the town to look for work, and something to look forward to. Come to the present: Ill is a popular, well-off shopkeeper in the town, married to Matilde; and Clara is the rich, world-famous Madame Claire Zachanassian. In revenge, Zachanassian offers the town One Billion Marks for the life of Alfred Ill. The town struggles with this moral decision for the rest of the play.





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