The Victoria Palace Theatre first opened in 1832 under the name 'Moy's Music Hall'. In 1886 the building was demolished and again was knocked down in 1910 to incorporate electricity and other modern embellishments. It opened under the name of Victoria Palace Theatre in 1911, making the building over 100 years old.

Over the century, the Victoria Palace Theatre has hosted numerous exciting plays, musicals and operas, with variety acts being its most popular type of show in the early years. Since then, shows such as Me and My Girl and The Little Foxes starring Elizabeth Taylor have been performed to audiences.

In more recent years, the Victoria Palace has focused on musicals with Grease, Fame and The Rocky Horror Show all taking up residence. One of the most successful shows at the theatre is its current show, Billy Elliot London. Billy Elliot opened in 2005 to much critical acclaim and continues to play to packed audiences night after night.

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